Ultimise Co., Ltd. is a full service marketing, production and events management firm based in Bangkok, Thailand providing expert services in the South-East Asian Region and beyond. With 30 years of experience in our field, we are fully equipped to provide comprehensive, and cost-effective services at any level needed.

Premium Content. Accessible Cost.

Having great pride in our work, we do not settle for anything less than the best. Ultimise stands out in our capacity to adapt to budget restraints without sacrificing quality. 

Capturing the Essence of Visual Messaging

Effective Visual Communication requires much more than simply capturing your subject. We seek to truly engage and showcase the essence of the core message to be portrayed.

In the Action. Up Close & Personal.

A timid or laid back approach will never do. We embrace the action, the grit, the intensity, the sweat, the dirt, and yes, the agony and ecstasy of true storytelling.

Conveying a Spirit of Adventure

The beauty of effective visual communication is the ability to transport the viewer to places normally reserved for the imagination. Our passion is to award our audience with an authentic transcendent experience. 


Video Production

The Ultimise Team has extensive experience with all levels of video production and broadcasting at the local, national and even international level. We are adept at producing TV Commercials, corporate videos, infomercials, emotional content, story telling and music videos at highly competitive prices.

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Brand Identity

We consider branding and image/identity building to be one of our biggest strengths. Our team has created an impressive array of stand-out, global standard brands, including brand names, logos, and taglines that can rival those produced by any prominent agency worldwide.

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Event Organizing

From massive events with over 10,000 people in attendance, to charity/CSR events, to elaborate concerts with international artists and full-sized orchestra, to trade fairs with dozens of booths onsite, our team has experience at all levels, and for all aspects of event creation and management, start to finish.

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Complete Content Creation

You name the content you need; we’ve got it! We create captivating copy, galvanizing graphics, superb signage, visionary video, mesmerizing motion graphics, inspiring imagery, and more. Captivating content lies at the center of the passionate work Ultimise is committed to.

Web Design

Our team is acutely aware of the necessity of a solid online presence in today’s interconnected world. Your website can be a make or break element of your whole image and identity. Working with us you can be sure of a strong, responsive and attractive online presence.


Graphic Design

The Ultimise Team is big on imagery. We are sold on the power of powerful visual communication and this shows in our work. We place high importance on delivering impactful, visually inspiring static and motion graphics that are relevant and at the forefront of current trends.



We are driven by passion in all that we do. Passion for excellence permeates all of our production, creativity, and events. It may sound like a cliché, but we authentically embrace the idea of “Go BIG or go home!”


We are brimming with confidence of our ability to go up against any of the biggest hitters in the industry and fully hold our own, offering comparable services at a fraction of the price of industry-leading ad agencies and production houses.


Ultimise is fully equipped to be the all-in-one partner for marketing and advertising – from conception to realization. We are prepared to walk with you through every phase of the creative process, all the way through to staging, publishing, hosting. 

We are particularly adept in these four areas: Branding and Corporate Identity, Content Creation, Event Management, and Video Production. 


  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Event Management
  • Video Production

“Maximise the Ultimate” means no second best! We are not content to settle for average, for commonplace, or even for good. Nothing but the best will do.

This is accomplished through going beyond professional. It is about taking our skills and expertise to the heart level in order to deliver truly emotionally infused work at every level.


We are eager to hear from you and more than happy to discuss ways that we can do awesome stuff together.